If you are in a hurry, we will exchange your turbocharger directly against a remanufactured original part. As for the repair of your broken turbocharger, no new part is usually needed.

For repairing we use special quality tools and cleaning equipment and genuine spare parts only. Our two SCHENCK Balancing RoTec machines ensure a perfect run and the quality that can compete with a new part.

The result: As good as new.

Procedure of a turbocharger exchange

  • You order your turbocharger and pay a deposit in addition to the sale price between EUR 50,- and EUR 119,- and we will send your package by DHL immediately to you
  • Inside your package you'll find the invoice and a return voucher to send us your broken turbocharger with free shipping.
  • After we recieved your package, we pay back the deposit immediately.